Canyon Drive Technologies is the world’s premier anti-counterfeiting and brand security technology company. In the last 10 years, the science and development team that makes up the core of CDT has advanced the levels of anti-counterfeiting technology to astonishing new levels. Fittingly, they’ve been granted over 40 patents in visual light, spectral optics, and assorted related utility and design patents.  As such, they’ve conducted the world’s most advanced tests on products for select groups and agencies. While there was no shortage of jobs in that that particular sector, at the continuous behest of several groups, Canyon Drive Technologies broke new ground by implementing technologies into the commercial sector for public and private companies.


Today, Canyon Drive Technologies implements and refines the various technologies that its founders helped develop and sells finished complete products to those select companies in need of the highest level of visual anti-counterfeting in the world. The company offers corporations an unparalleled level of overt and covert brand authentication and anti-counterfeiting solutions for a wide range of hard goods and services.


Focusing on turn-key solutions for a wide range of budgets, Canyon Drive grants the world’s best known brands access to a truly superior level of technology while enhancing their product identity, brand identity, and confidence from their consumers. From the incredibly subtle to the overtly distinguished, CDT has a menu of products for every company and luxury brand with an unrivaled track record of effectiveness.


As of 2015, a great many households have at least one form of Canyon Drive developed security in their homes without even knowing it.

A Note From Our Team

Given the sensitivity of our products and services, rest assured that your company



Popular among certification departments of the world’s largest brands, CDT supplies branded technologies that are fully implemented in house by the respective certification personnel, allowing unbeatable brand control that was previously unattainable by private companies. This is the fastest growing division of CDT.


CDT’s  highest level of security technology which laid the groundwork for their ever expanding suite of products and innovations is still the company’s preeminent product. Due to necessary precautions, this information can only be obtained with special clearance. Please use the secure agency login protocol to access the product information.


CDT’s  most popular and advanced technologies for private companies provide overt and covert security certification and authentication to a wide range of luxury goods. From soft to hard materials, the company provides embedded solutions for a wide variety of products in the marketplace. Unique, custom coded solutions with unrivaled technology is only the start of what they provide to clients in this space. These products give risk mitigation departments the edge they need in combating counterfeits that is proven every day in the real world.


CDT’s industry specific markers and add-on products utilize a version of their luxury good technologies specifically made as trademark protection for licensed goods. Like the luxury good products, these technologies are integrated into a variety of media that can be seamlessly implemented into a variety of licensed goods and products.



Game changing motion technology that creates lustrous illusions of depth and motion for brand recognition products and campaigns.


World renowned variable data optical imagery made specifically for individual products within a product line, such as holographic personalization, numerization, and other secure nomenclature.


Protected ink technology that is programmed to expose itself under very specific bandwidths of the light spectrum.


Revolutionary nanotechnology based holograms with multisided images and hidden codes designed to be integrated into virtually any physical product.



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